The Arago Rock Lighthouse was in service from 1890 to 2065, spanning a long career of around 175 years. While in service, the city of Prisma was built around and underneath it in the surrounding ocean, unknown to the lighthouse operators. The people of Prisma noticed that the local sea anemones open and closed in conjunction with the light flashes from the lighthouse, and were able to harness this motion to power and heat their city for almost two hundred years. As a result, the lighthouse held immense importance to them, as their entire city's survival depended upon it.

Frank Lincoln was the last lighthouse keeper, serving forty years as keeper. The lighthouse was shut down in 2065 as an airbase had been built on nearby Arago Point, and the flashing light would distract the incoming pilots. The planned shutting down of the lighthouse did not go as planned, as the Prismians did not want to lose their source of power. Eventually, an agreement was reached and WASP engineers designed a flashing light that was placed underwater, which gave the city of Prisma power without distracting the incoming pilots. The lighthouse was designated a historical landmark.



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