B1 was used for deep water diving to extract gold from seawater.


The B1 was carried by the FD7 mothership to various locations in order to carry out gold extraction, as it had no propulsion systems of its own. Commander Shore and Atlanta visited the B1 to see a demonstration of its gold extraction technology, and were suitably impressed. After the FD7 moves the bathyscape to its new location in the Kendrick Trench, Stingray is then assigned to resupply the them.

A month after processing begins, Stingray arrives on their supply run, but Captain Tempest sees a Subterranean lurking around the B1. Suspicious, Phones and Marina are sent to inspect the bathyscaphe, while Troy doubles back. The Subterranean then drops a device on the B1 that attracts a monstrous fish, the Gargon, that attacks the ship. The bathyscaphe is spared when Troy removes the device and drops it on Titan's own craft, and the Gargon attacks them instead.




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