Chick Kingsland was part of a duo that was looking for a legendary pearl.


Chick Kingsland, along with his partner Mike Bromley, illegally dove in a WASP protected oyster farming area, looking for a giant oyster that was rumored to have a giant pearl inside. They dove into caverns, and while they were able to both avoid falling rocks and find the oyster, they did not have the correct tools to open the oyster and they had to surface due to a low air supply.

When they surface, they are picked up by Captain Troy Tempest and Stingray, and returned to Marineville. While Commander Shore dismisses their claims of the giant pearl as nonsense, Troy and Atlanta Shore were able to convince him to authorize an expedition to investigate. Both he and Bromley accompanied Troy and the crew in Stingray, and Kingsland stayed in the sub with Phones and Marina while Bromley and Troy retrieve the pearl.

Upon their return, he and Bromley held the crew at gunpoint, and while Kingsland wanted to kill them, Bromley refused since Troy had saved his life earlier. They put the crew out of the sub and then turned to trying to figure out how it works. While Bromley tried to figure out how the controls worked, Kingsland hovered worriedly nearby, and was the first to notice the oysters settling on Stingray.

After realizing they were doomed, Bromley contacted Troy and begged him to help. Both he and Kingsland put their guns and the pearl in the missile ejection tube and shot them away from Stingray, getting the oysters away from the sub. Troy and the crew then boarded Stingray, and held Kingsland and Bromley at gunpoint to take back their ship.

Kingsland was later taken back to Marineville and put in jail.

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