The Gunboat Wadi is an offensive craft financed by El Hudat.


El Hudat financed the building of the boat at a cost of $500 million dollars. The boat is a single crew vessel with great offensive capabilities, accuracy, and maneuverability, as shown when it was pitted against radio controlled ships and airplanes.

He then presented the vessel as a gift to the World Security Patrol, securing a place for his country in the organization and a place for himself as a member.

He later fled Marineville in the craft after he was deposed as the ruler of his country and he kidnapped Marina. The craft shot down a WASP Spearhead Bomber that had followed them, giving away their position and causing Commander Shore to send Stingray after them. Troy would later take control of the boat and get Marina back, and take the boat back to Marineville. The boat was confiscated, and El Hudat arrested.



  • Various anti-aircraft guns
  • Torpedoes
  • Canon



  • This model would later be reused throughout the remainder of the show's run, and on other Supermarionation projects, including Thunderbirds, Joe 90, and Captain Scarlet.
  • The cost of the boat, $500 million, would be about $3.8 billion dollars in today's money, adjusted for inflation.