Marina is a mute Pacifician who sometimes joins Captian Troy Tempest and Phones as the third member of Stingray's crew.


19 year old Marina was born on May 28th, 2046, and is the daughter of Aphony, ruler of Pacifica. After losing her mother at age 8, she grew up as a princess in her city before being kidnapped in a raid by King Titan, when she was enslaved for a year. She was rescued by Troy Tempest and Phones after helping them escape from Titanica, and was allowed to live at Marineville.

Marina is mute but communicates with the expressive use of her hands; her people are physically unable to speak (see Trivia section for more info). She joins the Stingray crew regularly, and is valued at Marineville for her knowledge of the underwater world and it peoples and cultures.

Marina can breathe equally well in water and air. She is a beautiful, tail-less mermaid who cares very much for Troy. While she has a healthy rivalry with Atlanta Shore for the affections of Troy, she and Atlanta remain very good friends.


  • Marina's puppet was not equipped with a mouth mechanism, as she has no speaking lines in the entire series.
  • Depending on the source, the reason for Marina's muteness varies. In the series, it is indicated that all of her people cannot physically speak. Two reasons are given for this-one is that her people speak telepathically and do not use words to speak. The other is that Titan placed a curse on her people so that if any one of them ever spoke again, their entire city would be destroyed.
  • Her face was modeled after actress Brigitte Bardot.