A class of large submarines used by the World Safety Patrol.


Commonly used by the WSP to guard sea lanes, these are a large class of submarine.

A member of this class was on patrol (Stingray) when it was mysteriously destroyed. It was later found to have been destroyed by a Terror Fish, and its destruction was the catalyst that led to Troy Tempest's capture and Titan's subsequent declaration of war on the Terraneans.

One member of this class engaged a mysterious submarine (A Nut for Marineville), but its torpedoes had no effect on the mystery sub. The mystery sub then retaliated by firing a missile which subsequently destroyed the Seaprobe submarine.

  • The two instances of this craft reappearing in two different episodes with the same name after each one is destroyed is most likely the same model being used for multiple episodes, along with stock footage of the destruction of the Sea Probe.


Nothing is known about the crews of these vessels, but it may be concluded that they are WSP personnel.


  • Torpedoes



  • The models (more than one) were probably made from Aurora, Revell, or Monogram Nautilus nuclear submarine kits, with few modifications.