The first Stingray annual, it was released in 1965.


  • Night Raid (Comic strip)
  • Aqua Antics (Funny cartoons)
  • Under the Pole (Real story)
  • The Invisible Menance (Novel)
  • Troy Tempest (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Pacific Disasters (Comic strip)
  • Tobermory Treasure (Real story)
  • Troy's Puzzle Pages (Correct order of the pictures)
  • Marina (Sketch drawing and information)
  • The WASPs (Informative Novel)
  • Aqua Antics (Funny cartoons)
  • The Great Robbery (Comic strip)
  • Phones (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Stingray Game (Board game)
  • Ghost Galleon (Novel)
  • Mechanical Fish (Sketch drawing and information)
  • The Treasure Map (Comic strip)
  • The Legend of Atlantis (Real story)
  • Stingray (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Stingray Pen (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Submarine Satellite (Novel)
  • Titan (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Agent X2 Zero (Sketch drawing and information)
  • The Sinking of the Thresher (Real story)
  • Ocean Poacher (Novel)
  • Atlanta Shore (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Commander Shore (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Color the area (Puzzle)
  • Marina makes it 12 (Spot the difference puzzle)
  • Marineville Attack! (Comic strip)
  • Twenty Fathom Farmers (Real story)

Publishing Info

  • Publishing Country: England
  • Format: Hardback Book
  • Illustrator:
  • Pages: 93
  • Publisher: City Magazines Ltd and AP Films (Merchandising) Ltd. 
  • Publication Date: 1965

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