The second Stingray annual, it was released in 1966.


  • The Collector (Comic strip)
  • Aqua Antics (Funny cartoons)
  • Oink the Seal (Comic strip)
  • Marineville Must Go...! (Novel)
  • Why is it so upset? (Maze)
  • Hydromic Missiles (Sketch drawing and information)
  • The Sunken City (Comic strip)
  • Oceanauts (Real story)
  • Marineville Control Center (Sketch drawings and information)
  • History of Titanica (Comic story)
  • Aquatraz (Cutaway)
  • Titan's Terror Fish (Cutaway)
  • Aqua Antics (Funny Cartoons)
  • Enemy in Marineville (Comic strip)
  • WASP Strike Aircraft (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Stingray Patrol (Board game)
  • Tsunami Terror (Novel)
  • Submarine Aircraft Carrier (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Arabian Plot (Comic strip)
  • Marineville (Sketch drawings and information)
  • Oink the Seal (Comic strip)
  • Bay of Lost Souls (Novel)
  • Underwater Interceptors/Underwater Catapults (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Battle of the Coral Sea (Real story)
  • Aquacade Emergency (Novel)
  • Titan's Terror Fish (Color by number)
  • Secret Plan of Depthscope (Puzzle)
  • Marineville (Sketch drawing and information)
  • Death Ray (Comic strip)
  • Oink the Seal (Comic strip)
  • Secret Mission (Maze)

Publishing Info

  • Publishing Country: England
  • Format: Hardback book
  • Illustrator:
  • Pages: 101
  • Publisher: City Magazines Ltd, and AP Films (Merchandising) Ltd
  • Publication Date: 1966

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