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First appearing in 1964 and consisting of 39 episodes, Stingray was a British television show depicting the adventures of a futuristic supersub captained by Captain Troy Tempest. Stingray was the first British television series to be completely filmed in color over the entire series, and while not as well known as its successor Thunderbirds, pioneered many developments in Supermarionation and filmmaking that producer Gerry Anderson would use in his later series.

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A Captain in the World Navy, Captain Jacques Jordan worked with Stingray's crew in a joint WASP-WN operation to test a Navy-developed missile against Stingray. Captain Jordan managed to anger Captain Troy Tempest due to his disparaging attitude towards the WASP organization and his flirting with Atlanta Shore. However, after finding himself in a dangerous situation win his submarine with Stingray's guns pointed at him, his very life is in the hands of his greatest rival, Captain Tempest...


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