Artura, better known as Surface Agent X-20 is working for the mighty Titan for destroying Stingray and Marineville.


Originally known as Artura, he was a young scientist and engineer from a city that was one of the first to be conquered by Titan many years ago. Titan trained him to be a spy, and he was made a Surface Agent based on the Island of Lemoy.

He is a creeping and whining toady of Titan, who is also a master of disguise, constantly fooling the Marineville personnel, including Captain Tempest and Commander Shore. While he is good at disguising himself, he is rather inept at carrying out Titan's orders, as it is usually partially his fault that Titan's schemes don't play out correctly.


  • His facial features are based on those of actor Claude Rains
  • His voice is an imitation of Peter Lorre.