After Stingray destroys a mysterious submarine that has destroyed several islands, the owners are revealed to be from the city of Solarstar, whose inhabitants aim to destroy Marineville with a second version of their powerful submarine.


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Regular Voice Cast

  • Captain Troy Tempest — Don Mason
  • Lieutenant Phones Sheridan —Robert Easton
  • Lieutenant Atlanta Shore — Lois Maxwell
  • Commander Sam Shore — Ray Barrett
  • Tracking Station - Lois Maxwell

Guest Voice Cast

  • 1st WASP Commander — Robert Easton
  • Mauritimus — Ray Barrett
  • Solarstar Mighty Leader — Don Mason
  • Korda — Robert Easton

WASP Equipment Used

  • Stingray

Non-WASP Equipment Used


  • This is the only time the Marineville Tracking Station is voiced by Lois Maxwell instead of David Graham. This is also its first appearance.