When Troy is poisoned by Aquaphibians, the staff at Marineville realize that it is part of Titan's master plan to eliminate Troy-he is the only one with antidote, and he demands Marina in trade for it.


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Regular Voice Cast

  • Captain Troy Tempest - Don Mason
  • Lieutenant Phones Sheridan - Robert Easton
  • Lieutenant Atlanta Shore - Lois Maxwell
  • Commander Sam Shore - Ray Barrett
  • Sub-Lieutenant John Fisher - Ray Barrett
  • Titan - Ray Barrett
  • Surface Agent X20 - Robert Easton
  • Tracking Station - David Graham

Guest Voice Cast

  • Doc - David Graham
  • Aquaphibians - David Graham

WASP Equipment Used

  • Stingray

Non-WASP Equipment Used



  • Even though Stingray is damaged and is using half power, it is still able to achieve a top speed of Rate 6, which is its top speed.