Titan is the king of Titanica and a part time scientist.


Titan was a young scientist and mathematician who originally lived in the undersea city of Hydroma in the marine year 1072. He specialized in studying atomic explosions that were happening on the surface above the city, where Terrainean countries tested nuclear weapons. Concerned that this testing posed a great threat to the city, he asked the elders on the Ruling Council to make contact with the Terraineans to keep the city safe, but the elders refused. Titan left the city in disgrace, and had barely left when the city was accidentally destroyed by a rockfall that had been caused by the atomic testing.

Angry and embittered, he swore revenge and began traveling the ocean mapping and gathering information on the cities and peoples living under the Pacific Ocean. In the marine year 1078 while in the Mariana Trench, he was attacked by a giant squid that he destroyed with a torpedo. The Aquaphibians, who had lived in terror of the giant squid, hailed him as a hero and made him their king.

Titan then ordered them to move to the runs of Hydroma, where over a third perished on the journey there. More died as he drove them mercilessly to build the city of Titanica, where he designed several elements such as the tubular tunnels and Terror Fish. In the marine year 1080, Titan began to attack the surface world, with his first attack against Pacifica and the subsequent kidnapping of Marina leading to his first clash with the WASP after the destruction of the submarine Sea Probe, and his rivalry with Captain Troy Tempest.

Titan has a high amount of intelligence, but he often gets caught up in great bouts of grandeur and revenge. This causes him to come up with grand schemes that fail, often spectacularly. He has a continuing grudge against Troy Tempest for stealing his slave Marina.


  • Titan is modeled after actor Laurence Olivier.