When a famous pop star is brought to Marineville as part of a recruitment drive, Captain Tempest and Commander Shore must deal with both the screaming fans and Titan's plan to kidnap the celebrity for his own nefarious ends.


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Regular Voice Cast

  • Captain Troy Tempest - Don Mason
  • Lieutenant Phones Sheridan - Robert Easton
  • Marina - Sylvia Anderson
  • Lieutenant Atlanta Shore - Lois Maxwell
  • Commander Sam Shore - Ray Barrett

Guest Voice Cast

  • Duke Dexter — Ray Barrett
  • Duke Dexter (Singing) — Gary Miller
  • Sandy Gibson — David Graham
  • Main Gate Security — Don Mason
  • Security Point 1 Sergeant - Don Mason
  • Security Guard — David Graham
  • Television Announcer — Don Mason

WASP Equipment Used

Non-WASP Equipment Used


  • Agent X20's security pass is the same one that Sandy Gibson used-the picture is obscured but his name can be seen.
  • The background in Duke Dexter's show on national television at the beginning of the episode resembles that of the background used by the band The Doors, when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.


Stingray - "Duke Dexter" - 1964-0

Stingray - "Duke Dexter" - 1964-0