Troy Tempest is the captain of Stingray.


Troy Tempest was born January 4th, 2038 in New York City. He joined the the World Navy Academy in San Diego at 18 due to an interest in marine bionomics and undersea life, and eventually volunteered for the submarine service upon graduation.

In 2060, Troy was captured during a failed mission and rescued by George Sheridan and some fellow mercenaries. Troy persuaded Sheridan to join the Navy, where he pursued a degree in communications engineering, and would eventually become his future crew-mate aboard Stingray.

Aged 22 in 2060 (or sometimes 2064, year can vary), Troy was seconded to the Marineville WASP establishment after showing outstanding bravery under enemy fire. He was then promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the Stingray vessel in 2064.

While ridiculed by his colleagues for believing that there were intelligent races living undersea, his views were eventually proven to be correct when they made first contact with Titan.

Strikingly handsome, Troy is popular with women but would rather be investigating an explosion at sea than finding ways to resist the romantic overtures of women in his life.


  • Troy is modeled after actor James Garner.