The car was a yellow vehicle owned by Troy Tempest.


Troy was first seen driving the car back from a party over at Commander Shore's apartment. He attempted to contact the airport to confirm his flight the next morning, but was unable to due to radio interference. He was later knocked out by Lieutenant Lawrence Gray, who rolled him up in a rug and snuck him out of the base in the passenger seat. Gray then drove the car back to Marineville, where he was arrested for stealing the vehicle.

Troy later drove the vehicle along the coast after leaving a dinner party at Marina's when Captain Jacques Jordan cheesed him off.

Troy also later used the car when he brought Barry Byrne to visit Marineville over Christmas.



  • The car was a balsa wood model, with toy car wheels added later. It started life as a flying car in Fireball XL5 used by Venus.
  • In earlier episodes, the car appeared to be a flying car. It would eventually have wheels added in later episodes.