MOST OF THIS IS SPECULATION! PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT AS AN OFFICAL TIMELINE OF THE SHOW! To help keep track of a few things and for the sake of my sanity, I'm putting together a timeline of events as they happened in the Stingray 'verse by year. This is to the best of my knowledge, and from both the show and the annuals/other material that was released along with the show, as well as some info I've dug up from Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet (these three shows are all supposed to have shared the same universe). 

Year Event
1835 Titan born in Hydroma, Dec 14.
1958 X20 (Artura) born in Khazu-ma, April 1.
1965 Aphony born in Pacifica
1987 Hydroma is destroyed due to nuclear testing, Titan swears revenge on Terraneans.
1990 Titan most likely encountered the squid and earned the loyalty of the Aquaphibians around this time.
1995 Titanica is completed and Titan begins conquering other underwater cities.
2010 Jack Denver born Jan 10.
2015 Commander Sam Shore was born in Kansas Sep. 27.
2031 Shore "ran away at an early age to join the Navy." Most likely either this year or shortly after, as he would have be 16 in 2031.
2034 Lieutenant George "Phones" Sheridan was born in South Carolina Sep 15. 
2036 Marineville is inaugurated as the new headquarters of WASP.  It was probably either around this year or shortly after that Shore met his friend Jack Denver.
2038 Captain Troy Tempest was born in New York Jan 4.
2040s The first test beds were built for Stingray (the craft).
2040 Commander Shore and Elaine McDonald marry.

Atlanta Shore was born in California May 1.


Lieutenant Fisher was born. If we assume that the Thunderbirds canon occurs in the 2060s as well, Gordon Tracy would have been born in this year as well.

2046   Marina was born in Pacifica May 28.

Shore family transfers to Marineville.

Phones was probably orphaned either this year or a few after-he is stated as having been orphaned "in his early teens." He would have been 14 here.


Extended universe material gives Troy joining the sub service division of the World Navy in San Diego at age 18, which would be approximatly this year if he was born in 2038.

Phones would also likely have been a mercenary at this point.

2058 Atlanta's mother died from a heart attack ("seven years prior", as quoted from the 1993 annual).

Commander Sam Shore is crippled. As the show is supposed to be set in 2065 and the episode "The Ghost of the Sea" gives the date of Shore's conflict with the Ghost of the Sea as being five years prior, this would be the assumed year.

Phones also rescued Troy from a failed WN mission sometime around this point, starting both their friendship, and causing him to enlist in the World Navy. 


Troy Tempest is seconded to WASP from the sub service section of the World Navy. Extended universe material gives this as occuring when he was 22, which would be approx. this year.

If we also go by joining WASP at age 18, this is likely the year that Lt. Fisher (and perhaps Gordon Tracy) would have joined WASP as well.

Phones graduates WN academy with a communications degree.


Extended universe material indicates Bradley Holden as being stated as the Captain of in this year. This is from material from Captain Scarlet, not Stingray. Trials began this year.

WASP finally splits from the World Navy and becomes a seperate entity of the World Security Patrol

Commander Shore becomes commander of the commander of WASP subsection and given a seat on the WSC


Gordon Tracy was said to have commanded a sub for a year, and he would have had at least a few months of training after joining WASP. Assuming he joined WASP at age 18 in 2061 (and the Thunderbirds canon happened in the 2060s), his hydrofoil accident likely occured sometime around this year.

Marina is kidnapped by Titan

Atlanta Shore is promoted to Lietuentant and made Assistant Control Officer.

Stingray is offically launched under Captain Holden.


Captain Holden suffers a back injury that causes him to have to give up command of Stingray and eventually he joins SPECTRUM as Captain Grey. This information is from Captain Scarlet canon, not Stingray.

Tempest takes command of Stingray.

It is likely that Phones would have transferred to WASP here as well-Troy is said to have asked him to be the hydrophone operator shortly after Troy took command of Stingray.

Events in Stingray begin-Titan attacks the WSP sub Sea Probe.

Marina escapes from Titanica with Troy and Phone's help. First recorded contact between Terraneans and Subterranean races.


This is the year that many of the events of the show take place

Lieutenant Fisher made an aquanaut.

Tempest awarded Aquanaut of the Year.

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