The WASP Airforce's main aerial attack craft, the Arrowhead Interceptor is a fast and deadly addition to the WASP's arsenal.


Before 2065, WASP acquired 500 Arrowhead Interceptors, with a hundred of them based at headquarters in Marineville.

They are based on the Supersonic Mercury fighter jet, and are unique in that they are powered by dual rocket and nuclear powered propulsion systems, which allows them to achieve such a high speed.


  • Rear mounted Zeus afterburning Turbofan rocket engine
  • Thor 11 missiles-computer controlled and capable of a range of 150 miles
  • F-91 Seeker air-to-air missiles on wingtips-used for close range combat
  • Radar Planar scanner
  • Laser cannons-port and starboard sides.

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  • One of the models of these jets was reused in the Thunderbirds episode "The Imposters."
  • These jets were made from Aurora Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter kits.