The WASP Airforce's large, VTOL-capable bombing craft, which is also used for search and reconnaissance missions, surveillance, and transports.


Delivered at the same time as the Arrowhead Interceptors (around 2065), the Spearhead Bombers went into service at the same time. There are fifty total in service.

Aerohydromic Missiles

The three aerohydromic missiles that each craft is armed with were developed from the silo-based hydromic missiles that are stored at Marineville. Each missile is attached under the aircraft by electromagnetic clamps, and is much more controllable by the Spearhead's weaponry officer, compared to its land-based hydromic cousins. It can also be used as a torpedo if the need arises, and the head is interchangeable (high explosive, atomic, or chemical).


  • Apollo afterburning turbo-fan rocket engine (equipped with three total)
  • Aerohydromic missiles (equipped with three total)
  • Radar Planar scanner
  • Standard high explosive bombs (equipped with 12 total)

Appeared In:


  • Some models of these planes were later used in Thunderbirds, such as in airport scenes in "Trapped in the Sky" and "Edge of Impact."
  • Stock footage of the jets taking off from the airfield was reused in multiple episodes.
  • The jets were made from Revell Convair B-58 Hustler kits.